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Watches from the heart of Russia


Uglich, a beautiful and ancient city on the banks of the Volga river, is the pride of the watch production in Russia.

The legendary watch factory

Uglich is a city in the Golden Ring on the picturesque bend of the Volga river. Here, you will see an exceptional relationship with time: while the domes that date back to the 17th century are reflected in the river, in the workshops experts create modern clockwork mechanisms that keep time in the present. Uglich masters’ glory comes from as early as the 18th century. Here they made striking tower clocks for churches of the Russian Empire and other countries. Some of them still delight the residents of one of the towns on the border between Bulgaria and Romania.

During Soviet times, the history of the legendary Chaika Factory, a predecessor of our factory, begins with the assembly of the Zvezda watches. We seek our inspiration from the history and honor traditions of the masters of the past. The modern Uglich Watch Factory presents 500 models of watches and new brands. One of them is Lincor.


the mission

accessible luxury

One of the missions of the Uglich Watch Factory is to make premium quality watches available to the widest audience possible. We specialize in affordable luxury products.

We speak of luxury because we use only high-quality materials and manual assembly. Availability is because we do not spend our customers' money on marketing campaigns making prices affordable for most buyers.

We like to think that you chose our watches not for ballyhoo but for quality, style and an honest approach to work.


The best traditions of watchmaking combined with modern manufacturing technologies.

best materials

Uglich Watch Factory is an ISO 9001 certified company. To meet the international standards, we use only high-quality materials, including the best tried-and-true Swiss and Japanese mechanisms. The case and bracelet of our watches are made of stainless steel with high wear and corrosion resistance. Ceramics used in the production not only has an excellent view but is scratch-resistant and long retains its original brilliance, as well. To protect the clock face, we choose sapphire crystal made of synthetic sapphire, resistant to mechanical damage. 

Manual assembling

We pay great attention not only to materials but also to the process of creating watches because we assemble every model entirely by hand, just like a hundred years ago. Our masters engage in this delicate work in earnest. Therefore, only high-qualified experts, who are able to assemble movements of any complexity, work at our factory. Integration of modern tools and innovative technologies (the cleanest filtered air in the workshop, constant temperature, humidity and pressure, and special anti-static clothing) help to achieve perfect results.

The top-of-the-line model is all the rage since the founding of the brand

Quality control

Each stage of assembly undergoes strict quality control, both manually and with special equipment. Products are subject to strong verification by any standards: clock rate quality, perfect appearance, water resistance tests in the low-pressure chamber. Such standard operating procedures allow us to achieve the technical and artistic excellence of our watches. We take responsibility for everything that we do, and we could proudly say that our products are created in the best traditions of watchmaking.